Stairlifts: Not Only for the Elderly

There is a common misconception that stairlifts are exclusively for those who are in an advanced age, and maybe don’t have as much mobility as they used to before. Many assume that when they hear of someone installing a stairlift, it must be for someone elderly. However, that is simply not the case at UK Stairlifts Newcastle.

While stairlifts often do provide much-needed assistance to the elderly, they are not exclusively used for that demographic. Anyone with a mobility issue can and will benefit from a stairlift installation in their Newcastle property. Whether you are young or old, if you have trouble navigating your home, a stairlift can make that process so much easier – as well as safer. Here’s why:

How Stairlifts Make Life Better

They Maintain Mobility:

There is a multitude of reasons why your mobility throughout your home may be hampered suddenly. Perhaps you have mobility concerns, and just moved into your very own space for the first time; perhaps you were recently in an accident that left you less mobile than before; perhaps you used to live in a single-story home, and have moved to a multi-story property.

Stairlifts can help you maintain the mobility that you have always enjoyed in the past. They make navigating stairs simple and efficient, especially if your mobility has drastically changed in recent years. This isn’t just about mobility either, it’s also about independence.

They Make Life Easier:

You may not know this, but stairs can cause serious bodily harm for anyone – not only those with mobility issues. Any little slip or snag can send someone tumbling. This can result in bodily harm that could be severe. This fear is only increased in those with mobility issues.

Stairlifts make navigating staircases completely safe, with no concern for tripping and falling. They eliminate the risk of stumbling or slipping, and ensure that you live your life safer within your home. This is especially true for more hazardous staircases such as curved or spiral staircases–there are curved stairlift options!

They Are Easy and Comfortable To Use:

Stairlifts by UK Stairlifts Newcastle are designed for a wide range of individuals who need help navigating their stairs. With this in mind, they are manufactured to be simple to use and extremely comfortable. So, whether you suffer from a minor disability, or a severely inhibiting one, stairlifts can be used with very little augmentation — if any at all.

This makes stairlifts an elegant solution that can be adapted to virtually any situation, across almost any property. You don’t need to search far and wide to find a stairlift that will fit your physical needs.

Final Thoughts

At UK Stairlifts Newcastle, we aim to help you regain and maintain freedom within your own home. Stairlifts aren’t only for those who are elderly. They can help anyone with mobility concerns get around their home without any fears, concerns, or unnecessary risk-taking.

So, contact us today, and find out how we can help install your very own stairlift in your home!

Newcastle Stairlifts Installed With A 2 Year No-Quibble Guarantee

All our Used/Reconditioned Stairlifts come with a full minimum 2 years “no-exclusions” warranty. Better yet, if you order a New Stairlift you get 3 years!

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