Are Temporary Stairlifts a Perfect Solution to Temporary Immobility?

None of us want to imagine a scenario in which our mobility is temporarily taken from us. This could be the result of an illness, an accident, or any other host of reasons. It’s never fun to think of a situation where being able to navigate your home independently or safely by yourself is temporarily no longer an option. But, what do you do if it does happen?

Temporary mobility issues happen to an incredible amount of the population annually. They can stem from sports injuries, work or car accidents, illnesses, etc,. While their reasons may be vastly different, they all have one thing in common: They are usually very sudden.

This immediate shift in capability can leave you feeling stranded within your own life —especially if you live alone. That’s why a temporary stairlift installation in Newcastle can be the ideal solution.

Temporary Stairlift?

A stairlift doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture in a home. While they are installed in such a way that allows for them to be permanent, they can be easily removed with minimal impact. Any remains of the installation can be covered and repaired without a trace left behind.

This ease of removal has led to the option of people simply choosing to buy a stairlift with the express intention of selling it second-hand after they are done with it, something that UK Stairlifts Newcastle can help with.

A stairlift can generally be had for upwards of £990.00. They are easy to install, and can be fixed to your stairs in a matter of hours by our elite UK Stairlift Newcastle installation team. Aside from this, their resale value holds up very well. You can actually sell your stairlift and have it removed from your home and recoup some, if not most of the cost that you spent to initially install it. Effectively giving you the option for a temporary fix to your mobility concerns.

Why a Stairlift?

If you have found yourself temporarily immobile, you still want and need to be able to navigate your home. But if you suffer from temporary mobility concerns, you need to be able to move around without any risks involved. That is the main purpose of a stairlift — to help you climb and descend your stairs easily and safely.

Whether your leg is in a cast, or medications are making you feel too weak to climb the stairs, a stairlift by UK Stairlifts Newcastle can do the lifting for you. And you don’t need to commit to one for the rest of your life.

Final Thoughts

At UK Stairlifts in Newcastle we specialize in installing and removing stairlifts — both new and reconditioned. We can help provide you all the info you need on having a stairlift installed into your home, even if it’s only for a short time.

So, if you are suffering from short-term mobility issues, contact us today. We can restore your mobility and freedom in no time with a stairlift in your home!

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