Signs You May Need A Stairlift in Your Newcastle Property

Nobody wants to face the reality that mobility within their own home is becoming increasingly difficult. Being able to freely move around your home is something that we should all have access to. Unfortunately, it isn’t always simple freedom that we get to enjoy. Sometimes accessing rooms on upper or lower levels of your home just becomes too much to handle.

Luckily, while moving around your home may become more difficult, it doesn’t have to prevent you from living on your own or keeping your multi-floor home in Newcastle. Stairlifts are the perfect solution to free mobility throughout your home even when facing a disability or lack of mobility due to age or illness.

No matter what your reasoning may be, a StraightCurved, or Heavy-Duty Stairlift can ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice your own freedom of movement.

So, knowing that a stairlift can help make your home more accessible is one thing. But, how do you know when you actually need to seriously begin considering one? Well, as with everything there are signs. Let’s talk about a few of the signs that might indicate that it’s time to install one of our UK Stairlifts Newcastle StraightCurved, or Heavy-Duty Stairlift.

1.) If you have general trouble accessing different floors of your home.

The first, and a most obvious sign that you may need a stairlift by UK Stairlifts in Newcastle and the surrounding areas is simply observing your physical limitations. If you live in a multi-story Newcastle home and you begin having trouble climbing or descending the stairs, it’s time to consider a UK Stairlift Newcastle.

2) If you are prone to tripping or falling.

Balance issues are quite common, and nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it be due to a disability, or advanced age, tripping hazards are a reality for quite a lot of us. If you are at all concerned that you may fall while climbing or descending your stairs, then a StraightCurved, or Heavy-Duty Stairlift could offer you peace of mind with that added reassurance. You never want to risk your own safety within your home, and a stairlift can help ensure you aren’t hurt navigating your Newcastle home.

3) You need assistance climbing or descending the stairs regularly.

Whether you are out and about, or within your own home, you may have to navigate a staircase. If you find yourself needing assistance from a loved one, or you find yourself relying heavily on the railing, then you may need a UK Stairlift. If you feel like navigating stairs is just a bit too challenging without help, you can preemptively deal with this issue by installing a stairlift within your Newcastle property. This will help ensure that you always get up or down the stairs safely without the need for assistance from a loved one.

4) You are changing the way you climb stairs.

The standard way to climb or descend stairs is one foot in front of the other, one on each step in order. We are all familiar with how to walk up or downstairs. It’s so natural it’s almost like breathing. But, sometimes we can find ourselves changing this formula to make the process easier. If you are finding yourself climbing the stairs sideways, or one step at a time, or even with assistance from your hands on all-fours; then you may need a stairlift installed by UK Stairlifts Newcastle. Adapting the way you navigate stairs to make it easier for you is a sure sign that it’s time for a stairlift in your home.

5) You are prone to fainting or losing consciousness.

Lack of mobility isn’t the only reason why someone may need a stairlift within their Newcastle home. In fact, plenty of individuals utilize stairlifts due to other limitations in their lives. One, in particular, is the propensity to faint or lose consciousness randomly. Whether it be due to exertion, or an epileptic episode, you never want to lose consciousness when on the stairs. This can prove incredibly dangerous. If this is a concern for you at all, then a StraightCurved, or Heavy-Duty Stairlift is likely a good idea.

6) You have aches and pains that make stairs difficult.

As we get older, it’s common for general aches and pains to start to accumulate. It’s perfectly normal to experience joint pain, muscle aches, etc,. These may make navigating staircases very uncomfortable. Even if you are confident you can handle the stairs, the aches and pains may simply be too much to bear every day. A stairlift by UK Stairlifts Newcastle can make navigating staircases much more comfortable and reduce the inflammation of those aches and pains throughout the body.

7) If climbing the stairs takes a really long time.

A lot of us may not notice that our mobility is waning. Sometimes the signs aren’t immediately obvious to us for whatever reason. But one of the early signs is that staircases become a journey, rather than a quick excursion. The average staircase should only take between 5-20 seconds to climb (depending on the number of stairs). When you notice it starts taking you several minutes to climb your stairs, this can be a quick sign that it’s time for a stairlift in your home.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing abnormal about finding stairs difficult or daunting. Thousands of individuals across Newcastle find themselves faced with difficulty navigating stairs for one reason or another. That’s why our team here at UK Stairlifts Newcastle decided we wanted to get into this business. We aim to make Newcastle homes accessible for those who live in them. Sometimes that means adding a StraightCurved, or Heavy-Duty Stairlift into your home, in order to make your life as easy and pain-free as possible.

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