Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts in Newcastle

Unlike straight up and down stairlifts, our curved stairlifts are designed to travel up and around cornered staircases, a very popular stairlift installation for properties in the Newcastle area due to the type of houses built.

The versatility of a curved design allows for easy installation anywhere, from a staircase with a single bend to spiral staircases. As such, you can now move around your home with style and convenience as our curved stairlifts provide quality, function, and style.

As a proud member of Checkatrade since 2014, our extensive range of new and reconditioned stairlifts are provided by a number of leading manufacturers who specialise in making stairlifts to go around curving stairs — all thoroughly inspected and tested by our expert engineers to ensure it’s the best possible product.

UK Stairlifts Newcastle is a Which? Trusted Trader and Checkatrade registered guaranteeing you peace of mind throughout your Stairlift installation process.

For more information about our range of quality straight stairlifts available in Newcastle call us on FreePhone 0800 046 3438 or use our contact us form to send us a message, just leave us your telephone number and we will call you back just as soon as we can.

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Curved Stairlift Installation Newcastle

With each curved stairlift installation in Newcastle, we offer not only peace of mind but also a safe, smooth ride. UK Stairlifts Newcastle provide curved stairlifts with a large range of styles and seat colours so you needn’t compromise on the style of your beloved home when installing one of our high-quality lifts for curved stairs.

Just like each individual’s needs can differ, we understand that every curved staircase in Newcastle is different, which is why we are proud to offer a bespoke stairlift solution to properties in Newcastle, tailored to suit your needs and designed to accommodate virtually any staircase and rail type.

Due to the versatility of the products on offer, our stairlifts can also be installed on either side of your stairs to maximise the space available and to benefit your ease of use.

All Stairlifts are installed by our experienced, professional, and local Newcastle installation team. If you would like more information about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0800 046 3438 to speak to a member of our friendly team who will be able to advise you further.

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With our range of flexible purchase options, we can provide the right curved stairlift for your cornered staircase in the most affordable way, whatever your budget may be. So if you’re looking to buy a curved stairlift in Newcastle of any description, you can rely on us to accommodate your individual needs.

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Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts Available in Newcastle

Our reconditioned curved stairlifts have all the advantages of a new stairlift at a fraction of the cost. These reconditioned products are not only affordable, but are also a practical solution of the highest quality with comprehensive stairlift repairs and maintenance service.

Each curved stairlift is installed by one of our friendly, local, and qualified engineers who will provide expert advice as well as a friendly and reliable service.

Whilst quality is guaranteed, both our reconditioned and new curved stairlifts come with a complete stairlift aftercare service for that extra peace of mind; our reconditioned stairlifts also come with a 2-year warranty, and a 3-year warranty is given with any new stairlift installation in Newcastle.

Newcastle Stairlift Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is, and always has been, to offer every client a high-quality service and value for money, and it all starts with a brief phone conversation with one of our specialist staff. We can then provide a free no-obligation quote including a stairlift from our range of products designed to meet our customer’s needs that include quality new, used, and reconditioned stairlifts, all manufactured by the world’s leading stairlift brands.

Stairlifts in Newcastle - UK Stairlifts Newcastle

Curved Stairlift Newcastle

The Flow2 single rail stairlift is the market leader when it comes to curved stairlifts and is the smartest lift of its type.

Flow is the only stairlift on the market which is capable of swivelling during the ride both up and down the stairs. This unique and patented feature makes the Flow stairlift capable of fitting most staircases, straight, around corners or even spiral.

This compact stairlift looks simple on the outside but the technology on the inside is extremely ingenious. The angle of the staircase can vary from -70° up to 70°.

Flow Curved Features and Benefits

By using its patented power swivel system, the Flow curved stairlift can tackle staircases as narrow as 61cm (24 inches) wide, swivelling the footrest as it goes – the rail also sits closely to the stairs, making Flow the most adaptable stairlift in the world – no other stairlift can boast this.

The Flow curved stairlift has a seat which is ergonomically shaped to the user providing for a more enjoyable ride.

Aesthetically designed
The Flow stairlift is designed to be a feature of the home, rather than just a mobility product; the user can choose between three fabric colours, four vinyl, six elegant leather and three comfort leather to determine the best fit.

Choice of armrests
Optional curved armrests fold inwards to make the user feel more secure during travel.

Suitable for all
The seat height is adjustable to five different positions when a powered swivel is used (set at installation), which means that Flow stairlift can be adjusted to suit a variety of users.

Flow folds neatly for storage, using its linked seat to footrest mechanism, removing the need to bend and manually fold the stairlift.